Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last Saturday our church had the Upward Basketball end of season banquet. It was great. Brooks really enjoyed basketball. He'll never be in the MBA but he did really improve during the season. Several times a week I find the child, in random places around the house, reading the Bible. How cool is that!! He truly enjoys reading about God and learning about Jesus. His favorite subject in school is Bible. How exciting to be able to be a part of sharing Christ with your children and then watching as the Spirit works in them. I pray that Eli, Audrey, and Metz will be saved at an early age just as Brooks has.

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Laura said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!

Al's mom is super organized and did a great job of documenting Al and Fran's lives. Anything you need to know she has it written down and in the baby books. When I asked her about the age Al began walking, she got out the book to check. A letter fell out with Al's 5 year old handwriting on it. It said something like "March 5, 1982 Tom prayed to receive Christ." I thought it was so sweet, because Al became a Christian at age 5, and now he was sharing the gospel with his 'friends.' So, I asked him who Tom was. He went and got him, it was his doll! It is my favorite little kid memory of Al. I pray that we will have sweet memories like that with our kids, and, that they will know the Lord at an early age, as well.