Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chineses Please

Rob loves Chinese food. Unfortunately, for him, I can't stand it. There is one Chinese Restaurant in B'ham and one in Atl. that I will willingly go eat at with him but other than that he's on his own. Well...he has been on his own.
Now, it would seem, that I have been outnumbered and outvoted. We've lined up along gender lines...the boys eat Chinese. Audrey and I...well, not so much.
Little man has suddenly joined the ranks of the boys. He likes his chinese mixed in with a little PB&J. I'm not sure that they would serve him that at China Town. Maybe a little side of cat but not PB&J.
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The Mrs. said...

AWWW. Cute. And I LOVE the new family photo. It is great