Thursday, November 12, 2009


Meet Pastor Bruce. Rob says that Pastor Bruce and I are kindred spirits. We met him yesterday as we toured the Ninth Ward. When asked how long it took his church to become operational after Hurricane Katrina he said, "We were never UNoperational". Pastor Bruce stayed in New Orleans during the hurricane because he new that HIS people couldn't afford to go anywhere else. After the hurricane he gathered the bodies that were still floating in the streets and tied them to telephone poles. He painted the names of of the people onto the poles so whoever found them would know who they case he wasn't around anymore.

Four years later Pastor Bruce still lives in a FEMA trailer and his wife lives with relatives somewhere else. He just can't see rebuilding his home before he has helped all of his people rebuild theirs....

Pastor Bruce isn't mad. He has FAITH. He BELIEVES that God will take care of HIS people.

I think we could learn a lot from Pastor Bruce....I know I did.

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try this blog post. it surprised me in a good way today.