Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 09

This has probably been the most relaxing, fun, non-stressful Christmas I have ever had. We try really hard to stay focused on the Advent of Jesus and not on all of the stuff that tends to obscure the true meaning of Christmas. Rob and I decided before we ever had Brooks that we didn't want Santa to be a part of our Christmas traditions. Noel Piper wrote a great article about her family's reason's for omitting Santa HERE . She is much more articulate than I am so we will leave it at that.
I did notice this year that all of the presents seemed to be taking center stage for certain members of the Faircloth household. I realize that they are kids but if we don't teach them right priorities now then how can we expect them to focus on the right things as adults? My plan for Christmas day came to me at about 3 am Christmas Eve night. Metzo didn't sleep at all that night but that's an entirely different story.
So, we got up Christmas morning. I cooked breakfast. We took our time, ate, read Scripture, prayed, and then we played Bible Trivia. Rob asked the each child a question from the Story of Christs Advent. If they answered correctly they picked a present and opened it while the others watched. The result was that the kids were able to admire everones gifts and stay focused on Jesus instead of being caught up in their own little present opening mania.
We also had a "mystery" present this year. No one knew who it was for or what it was.....

until that moment. Priceless!

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Molly said...

I love these photos...especially the child with the backwards shoes.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Molly said...

And should I ask why Dapper Dan is hanging upside down in the window?

Carrie said...

Eli did that to Dapper Dan. Don't know when or why but I thought it was funny. He is sooo much like my dad who used to torture and dismember my aunts dolls. :)