Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Little Color

I guess Metz thought he needed to add a little color to his life. Brighten things up bit. It has, after all, been a gloomy, rainy day. His choice of color came in the form of bright pink, sparkly finger nail polish. I wonder who that belongs to??? HMMM
But Metz, always thinking outside the box, decided the best place for his new color was his lips. "The better to kiss you with, my dear!" he says.

He also gave the traditional way a try. Check out his lovely, sparkly, pink toenails!
I sent Brooks after the nail polish remove,r so that I could restore my boys manhood, and B decided he had to take that moment to prove he is all boy. He stuck a slug on the cap in the hopes of making me scream.
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Oh, and I didn't scream...just so you know :)


Christy said...

Makes me smile :)

grandma laverne said...

The kids are just so great!

grandma laverne said...

Forgot to say, Metz is looking so good and so much like Rob!