Sunday, June 26, 2011

Saturday Scenes

Flag Retirement Ceremony

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Molly said...

Brooks looks so serious and intent! We had a veterans recognition in church today and it was very moving seeing them all walk in behind the American flag.

Metz looks quite GQ - maybe he and Eli can model?

And Audrey looks glamorous with her head band and sequins...

looks like a nice day.

Carrie said...

Metz was climbing like a monkey and just happened to look up at the right time. He's not so into posing. It takes to long:)

Brooks is always serious! You have to work really hard to get a photo of him where he doesn't look like you've just run over his dog. I do my best!

grandma laverne said...

Didn't know about flag retirement ceremonies, that's interesting. Looks like a fun day for you all.