Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blue Springs

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This morning we decided, on a whim, to take the kids to Blue Springs State Park. I had been there once before, a looonnnggg time ago, and Rob had never been, so it was an adventure for all of us. We picked up some $5 footlongs from Subway and we were on our way. We picnicked first and then went to the swimming area.
Now, I won't lie, I was leery at first. There were lots of people and most of them had made some unfortunate fashion choices for the day. Some people should just stay away from bikini's...
But once I checked my attitude we had a great time playing in the water. Even Metz, who generally hates swimming, enjoyed himself and it looks like the spring water might have helped his skin clear up a bit. If that turns out to be true you may find us in Clio every weekend splashing in the water!
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Molly said...

That looks so cool and inviting! And I've never heard of Blue Springs. It was so hot here. I am going to buy the dogs a kiddie pool, I think.

Carrie said...

They were cool. The springs stay 68degrees year round. 68 degree water in 98 degree weather is pretty cold!

I think Gus & Cotton would LOVE a kiddie pool. Maybe one for each of them!

The Mrs. said...

My old stomping parents live 5 miles from there! I spent lots of time there as a kid. I bet they loved it as much as we used to!

seeking.senkels said...

You were being brave and I'm not just talking about the cold water. Clio is where my parents grew up and some of my family still lives there. Crystal Godwin, Amanda Nunnelee and I used to go there often as kids. It was so much fun. I may have to visit it again with my kids.