Thursday, August 27, 2009

If Everyone Else Jumped Off a Cliff

would Metz follow???
This picture of Audrey pretty much sums up my mood today. Not only does Metz have asthma, he has also joined the ranks of the other Faircloth kids as the proud owner of one wicked scar.
Last night, as we were getting ready for church, Metz grabbed a glass bowl and proceeded to fall down with it. He got a nasty gash on his right hand. I, of course panicked, and rushed him to the doctors office where he received about 8 stitches.

Now he's sporting a lovely glove. His tribute to Michael Jackson I suppose.

It's parenting at it's finest around here....or not!
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Molly said...

it's amazing,isn't it? here's the bad news. i seem to be getting more accident prone as I age.

these are great pictures!

The Mrs. said...

If one of my kids jumped, the other would definitely follow! I bet you see it all with four! I honestly don't know how you survive! Great parenting, I'd say. You're kids are great! I am learning so much from you, too. Keep those pearls coming!!