Wednesday, September 16, 2009

30 Minute Naps

I've been MIA from blogland for a few weeks. We've been busy....and when I say busy I mean chasing a 20 month old who is having Roid Rage around the house from 6 am-7 pm.
He does take a break for nap time. Usually that lasts all of 30 minutes!!
A little over a month ago Metz was sleeping from 7pm-7am AND taking two 2.5 hour naps a day. Since he has been on the asthma meds he just can't stop moving! Unspeakable things happen when we try to force him to nap....things that still trigger my gag reflex. The chores that I can't get to are piling up (laundry...dishes...showers)and I have to pray that there is a better way to control asthma than THIS.

The rest of the monsters are doing great. Eli turns seven this Saturday. We are going on a Safari for his birthday. I can't believe he is 7. They are growing up sooo fast.

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grandma laverne said...

Metz sure looks like he's feeling great these days! I'm glad his asthma is under control but hope for your sake he slows down or the doctor introduces a new/different med for him that won't rev him up so much. The pictures of him are great, wish I had one (hint).

And of course the rest of the kids look super also. Can't wait for Saturday!