Saturday, September 19, 2009


Eli turned seven today. He has been taking about and planning this birthday for the past 3 months! He changed his mind a million times (even s recently as yesterday) about how he wanted to spend his big day. A few weeks ago I finally sat him down and made him decide what he wanted to do. Candy and money is what he came up with but Rob and I decided to be more creative so we went on a safari.
We went to Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA. If you've never been I highly recommend it. We had a blast. Rob's mom and sister, Molly, were able to meet us there and we all piled in a Zebra Van and went on Safari. Animals were EVERYWHERE. We were surrounded by tongues and slobber!
Eli had a great time and I hope that it will be a birthday that he will remember forever!
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Anonymous said...

A girrafe blew snot on Aunt Molly!

Molly said...

A little giraffe snot never hurt anyone.

Here's the link to the blog I was talking about:

I had a great time too and know Mother did!!