Monday, November 9, 2009

Camping, Regatta's, and 2 Front Teeth

Last week these three little monsters decided to camp-out in the yard. It was pretty cold out but they were determined that they were going to do it. They entered the tent around 7 pm. The first one bailed at 7:50, followed by the second at 8:00. Only one of them actually made it through the night. Any guesses which one it was???
The reason the tent was set up in the first place was because Brooks has joined Boy Scout's and they has a camp out coming up in the next few weeks. He also participated in the Rain gutter Regatta this past weekend. He placed second in his den which was surprising to me because it looked like he was about to pass out from blowing so hard through the straw.
And all Eli wants for Christmas is his two front teeth!!! (although he may argue pretty fiercely with that statement!)
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Molly said...

They are so cute! is it just me or are Eli and Brooks starting to look more alike?